Soul Dance

December 3, 2006

sky clouds

This is what I believe:

That I am I.

That my soul is a dark forest.

That my known self

will never be more than

a little clearing in the forest.

That gods, strange gods,

come forth from the forest

into the clearing of my known self,

and then go back.


That I must have the courage

to let them come and go.

That I will never let mankind put

anything over me, but that I will try

always to recognize and submit

to the gods in me and the gods in

other men and women.

There is my creed.

~DH Lawrence

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2 Responses to “Soul Dance”

  1. superb and my all time favourite. thanks for bringing back some distant memories.

  2. blumoon Says:

    Wow, your all time favorite! That’s wonderful.

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