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About My Art: Self-taught, I began my art journey with drawing, watercolours, I progressed to oils & acrylics which I mostly paint in now. To see more of my art work, visit my Website.

About My Writing: Having always written stories, poetry, songs, as long as I can remember, I am still sharpening my writing skills in the arena of more serious writing. This blog gives me a good opportunity to do just that. Also recently publishing articles on “Latest Health Treatments” right now.

About My Photography: The first thing I ever bought with my allowance at five years of age, was a Brownie Camera for $1.05 with tax. I enjoy taking pictures, have found it useful as a composition tool for my art, and a handy way to build a reference file of photos. Vignettes has a lot of my photographs, and you can also visit My Website.

About My Music:I was also fortunate to be born into a musical family. Classically trained on piano, I then took up guitar, joined an all girl rock band in the seventies, and went on the road. I also played piano bars after that. I have an eclectic style, in a blues-jazz vein, now I am teaching myself flute, since finding one in the thrift shop. These days I play for my own enjoyment.

About Computers: I have learned on my own, quickly becoming addicted. You can read about it on my Web Design Blog

“Raw talent, in itself, is just that. It must be honed, if you want to accomplish something worthwhile.”
~DL Robinson

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